Monday, September 29, 2014

{September 29, 2014}

WE PLAYED QUIDDITCH! how cool is our district ha it was awesome...and so hard! hah but good

Martes: we learned about the spirit in our reunion de districto and I'm so thankful for that lesson. it changed me.

Miercoles: We challenged a man for baptism and he was kind of difficult but I just kept fighting him and just saying the truth and it just made sense and the man just looks at me and says "I bet you never lose" ....ha if you only knew!! #somethingsneverchange haha but we got him to pray and he said he would be baptized and we had a really great prayer and everything...and did he come to church...NO hate it. 

Jueves: we found a MA (less active?) by being guided by the spirit. Who...does not live in our area but thats fine

Viernes: GUILLERMO WENT TO THE TEMPLE!! right?! so great!! I'm so proud of him, he loved it and he was so excited!! and He is just doing really good.
also we taught a man that refused to pray!? what?? I was just like pray!!!!! and he said no. I don't believe in praying to God, I pray to my mother.....for real old man! It broke my heart! I can not imagine a life without prayers that can be answered by a loving Heavenly Father lives. 

Sabado: We did a church tour in Fiori and we found them a family to teach and the womens conference!! it was so good, we only watched it in spanish so I got everything just not to the extent that I want. but it was good!!

and then Sunday: Guillermo gave his testimony and it was beautiful and perfect! he is so great! also our investigator Nilton came with his mom that is a MA (less active?) and so that was really good, he has a date for October.

I'm not going to lie..this week is going to be a hard one. I don't like goodbyes so I don't think I'm going to be spending my time saying goodbye and thats what will hurt the most. 
I love Peru.
it's changed me. I'm a different person because of the things I've learned here. I don't know how I'm going to leave it. My feelings towards coming home before just made me really nervous but the other day I just got so excited. I'm so excited to see you all, but then I'm just so sad because I don't know how to leave Peru. This time in my mission has taught me everything I need in life. I cannot imagine my life without this. I'm the same, but I'm better. I know I'm better, but what is going to be my goal is not to lose it when I get home. So if you see me doing stupid things just tell me to smarter (Jacob 6:12) ["O be wise, what can I say more."] 
My last week with my plaque (missionary tag)...i don't know how to take it really, I just feel like its never going to come. but I'm working hard because I'm not done yet. 

i love you all so much and I'm so thankful for the support that you've given me, all the time spent writing me and the efforts that went in for me to be here. Like I said before, a mission takes a lot from a family but thank you for helping me. 

nos vemos en una semana 
[See you in one week]!!!!!!!!
Hermana Winters

Monday, September 22, 2014

{September 22, 2014}

so...I felt bad because I wasn´t taking a lot of pictures so this week I took a lot, prepare yourselves

Monday: Monday we were teaching one of our investigators, her name is Jenifer and she is just so prepared! she has always been catholic, but her mom is a member (less active) but her mom went inactive because Jenifers grandma got super mad and all this stuff right. well we found Jenifer and she said that after my grandma died i started a lot to question the catholic church, and so I have a lot of questions for you, also I found my moms Book of Mormon and I have been reading, I ask her how long ago her grandmother died...and she answers, 3 days ago. I know the Lord is preparing specific people at specific times. 

Tuesday: we had an awesome district meeting about how we have to teach by the spirit. Because that is something that I have learned so much on my mission, if you do not have the spirit you will not convert anyone. you might be able to convince some people but that wont last, what we want is conversion, and if you don't have the spirit that is something you will never have. 

Here is a picture of our district: 

we are so cute.

we contacted everyone in the street that was wearing glasses and I swear we talked to 100 people, and they were all so nice! for real! Just another testimony that the Lord is helping us.

we went to eat dinner in this restaurant and we were talking to a mother and son who own the restaurant, and we were talking to them about the gospel and at the end they gave us our food for free! The gospel. gotta love it. 

it happened. I got bit by a dog. not a big one. but still. we get into this ladys house and we start teaching her and her daughter and her little dog comes up to me and he looked friendly, right? wrong. it quickly turned vicirous very quickly and bit my leg twice! ha...I was terrified, I can still see it's crazy black eyes! but everything is fine. I don't have rabies. just a bruise. I'm hoping its still around when I get home so I can show my battle wound. 


we got to do a service project on the beach! 
we did it last year too! but it was good to get to do it again!

there is so much trash, and dead animals but we did good. those are the bags full of garbage that we helped clean. Elder Rau, Elder Ortiz, Hno Manachu, me, Hna Margetts.

also, saturday Hno Guillermo called us because he is having back problems so we went to find someone to give him a Priesthood blessing and we went and asked a member and he is the greatest!! we asked him and he just says "hermanas don't even ask, lets just go!!" and he was so great! and he came and he explained the blessing so great to hno Guillermo and it was just so great to know that there are going to be members here to help him!

Sunday: #happybirthdaymom

Yesterday, speaking of Hno Guillermo, he got ordained as an Elder!! right?! so great! he is just so awesome! 
Sundays are always...weird on the mission. Its the day that you get to see all your fruit of your labors from the week, and I was disappointed with my fruits. but I'm so thankful for Hna Margetts, she just keeps me going. and I love her so much because lets face it, it's hard when it gets to the end but I'm working hard because I don't want her to have a dead area when I leave. so she keeps me going! everything is going good! just hanging in there! 

just so you all know...

and I hope you have a good week!

love Hermana Winters 

Monday, September 15, 2014

{September 15, 2014}

Hello sweet family

this week was good, nothing to exciting

we had a family home evening with the Familia Chuy from our ward, they are so great! and one of our investigators Mauricio. I don't know if i told you about him. He's from Columbia and is 22 and huge compared to Peruvians haha but he is good and we had a good time!

we went and taught the family that we found last week the Familia Yataco and!!! the dad, Javiar, was late because he was cutting his hair, but he gets there and we have the lesson and everything went great and he says "hermanas I have to tell you want happened when I was cutting my hair" and so he starts to tell us that the lady starts cutting his hair and he asks her "are you catholic?" and she says "yes I'm catholic" and he says "me too, but have you ever heard about the great apostasy?" !!!!!!!! we died and he went on to tell us that he talked to her about that and the book of mormon!! so after teaching them we went and talked to her and we are going to teach her this week! so great!

we had a work visit with Hermana Morgan and it was a lot of fun, my first time in a trio of gringas

we had a zone meeting and President came to teach us some things and it was just great. I'm serious though I love learning about the gospel! 

the weather has been really good the last couple of days and friday night we saw the stars!! it was so great. I miss the stars sometimes...

was a regular day

and Sunday: 
was pretty regular as well. We did find a new family to teach! and we were super excited, but they are living together, so they aren't really married so we got to get that all figured out, but everything is going good! 

I love you all so much! and i hope you have a good week!!
love Hermana Winters

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

{September 8, 2014}

Peru is doing good. 

this week:

Lunes: we taught a crazy man with a crazy member and so we both went we figured it was a blessing that we made it home without yelling at anyone. 

Martes: we went and read the scriptures with the Familia Pezo (sebastians family) and the kids were getting bored. but we decided to act it out. so we had fun acting out the 17th chapter of Alma . Read it. its a good one

Miercoles: we taught a lot of lessons. so that's always good.

Jueves: we found Joany a new investigator that is so great! so we are excited to teach her.

Friday: we had to let Roldolfo go...we were kinda sad about it, but he just wanted more time, and it's time we have to spend on someone else. so we are hoping one day that he'll get baptized.

Saturday: I learned how grateful I am from my companion

Sunday: we found.....a family of 4! and they look great! they told us that we can come back and they gave a peaches! so they look promising! 

This week was good! but I'm going to describe what happened with this family.
after walking and talking all the week because so many of our lessons fell through, we went last night to a man that we contacted that told us that we could come by. We went and we asked if his wife was there so that we could go in, and he said "yes I told you my wife would be here" and so we went in and we taught him (javiar) his wife (maricruz) and their two daughters (vanessa 17 and destrella 12) and we started the lesson and Javiar tells us that if we had tried to get into his house two months earlier he would have said no, but he knows that the Lord is softening his heart. Maricruz told us that she had been praying for angels that could come and teach her daughters principles and values that will help them grow into good people. I know that the Lord has prepared this family for sister missionaries and I am so thankful that it's us. We are so excited to teach them. When we finished the lesson with the prayer (kneeling...just incase you wanted to know ha) and they asked in the prayer and everything. and Javiar after the prayer said he felt liberated. 
I love finding families to teach! I'm so thankful for the trust God has put in us to teach them

It was a good week!
I'm working hard. but you should know...I'm excited to see you guys too. but just remember...I still have a lot of time don't get too excited too quickly ha 
love you all and I hope you have a good week!
love Hermana Winters

**We are expecting Sister Winters home October 6th!!!!  27 more days!!!**

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

{September 1, 2014}

can i tell you why I love dove chocolates....they tell you nice things

so thanks for the package! i loved it! especially here on the mission when everyone looks at the pictures I had back home and they look at me and say "why don't you look like this anymore?" and in my head i say....because i used to wake up at 10 and not worry about the salvation of your soul!!!" ....but i don't  ha but really thanks for the package.

Lunes (monday) last pday we got the new of CAMBIOS
so we found out that Hna Tique was leaving. She was really sad to go. Cambios always just give you the weirdest feeling because you aren't in control of your life, so you just have to hope that everything goes good. 

Martes (tuesday) I got my new compi

Hermana Margetts from Utah South Jordan. She is 20 years old and I love her so much!
we are getting along great! she is my 5th gringa!! so crazy but she is awesome!

Meircoles (wednesday)
we were talking to Rodolfo...we were teaching Roldofo about the 10 commandments and we talked about tithing and we asked if he believed in paying tithing and he said "yes Malachi in the bible says that we need to pay tithing." and then he opens his bible and reads it!! that man is so prepared I can't even handle it...but he still isn't sure about baptisim....dont' ask me????

Jueves (thursday) 
On thursday we knock on a door and get in to teach mother and her son... we teach her lesson one and tell her that we want to come back when her husdand was there and she says.oh my husband is here! and we were like WHAT we learned to ask if the husband is there before we start the lesson. we felt like fools fools!!

Viernes (friday)
Guillermo wrote us a letter telling us about how much he appreciates us and it was just so great! and I will read it to you whenI get home!

Sabado (saturday) we had a special mission conference

Bishop Davis came to speak to the mission and that was awesome!! the choir sung and it went really well. and it was just awesome! I love learning like I always say!

Domingo (Sunday) 
President Uceda came to our stake for a conference (the president of the area of North West South America) and he talked about the sacrament! and it was so great!!!!! i loved it so much!!! and he shook Guillermos hand and said "Hno you look like you've been with us for awhile" and guillermo said "no i've only been baptized for a month but i'm here to stay forever" and president uceda said "keep moving forward" was awesome!!
Also we taught Mauricio who is so great! he is a big 22 year old man from Colombia and his accent is hard to understand but he is so great and so ready to repent! I love helping people repent! it's a good feeling

everything is going really well! Hna Margetts makes me laugh so much, we are funny people!
we are just working hard on getting people to get baptized!
I love you all so much and I'm so thankful for your support!
I read this today and thought of you guys
its a quote from Thomas Monson
"I hope you appreciate the sacrafices which your parents so willingly make in order for you to serve. Their labors will sustain you, their faith encourages you, their prayers uphold you. A mission is a family affair. Though the expanse of continents or oceans may separate, hearts are as one." 

I love you all and I'm so thankful for all our efforts, I mean I know you miss me, but thanks for sharing me with Peru :) 
love you all! have a good week!
hermana Winters

{August 25, 2014}

this week was good, I never know what to write you so I took notes this week

Lunes (monday): We were playing soccer for Pday and I fell....twice on my butt and I've been sore all week ha 

Martes (tuesday): We found this cute little family a mom and her two sons and we taught the first lesson and we challenged her to be baptized, and she said this "Yes, I'll get baptized...wait but I can still be Catholic if I get baptized right?" dont' think you understood.

Miercoles (wednesday) We had a multi-zona with President Archibald, he is such a great teacher! and I love learning from him because he just explains everything in a way that I understand and I love it! and we learn so much! and not just about doctrine and that, but he also shows me how to be a better teacher so that's something that I'm always grateful for!

Jueves (thursday) we were teaching Sebastian about the restoration (because we teach the lessons again after baptism) and so we start to talk about Jose Smith ... in the year 1820...and little Sebastian "so was this in the times of Michael Jackson?" ...hahaha we started laughing and so did his mom and grandma, he was super cute just trying to get a hold and how long ago it was...

Viernes (Friday) we are teaching a family I told you about them i think Nicodemo Jenny (which you actually write Lleny) Luis Angel and Nicolas, they are super cute and Nicolas is like a year and a half and everytime we go to their house he just comes screaming "HERMANAS!!" so excited! he is my best friend ha he came and sat by me in sacrament meeting yesterday and I love him

Sabado (Saturday) nothing...the only thing I could think of is that someone asked me if I was from Chile....apparently I look like a Latina!

Domingo (Sunday) in Principios del Evangelio I learned that everything causes cancer. But really the teacher was teaching us the Law of Health and he just kept saying don't do this because you'll get cancer and don’t do this because you'll get cancer....and don't even think about that because just thinking that will give you cancer.

ha. but this week was really good, we found new people and Roldolfo came to church, same with Luis Angel Nicodemo and Jenny. a new guy that we met friday on the street! we found him and invited him to church and he came! we have an appointment with him this week! I'm super excited to teach him! It's weird that as missionaries we have 5 lessons that we need to teach people, so obviously you always start with the first one which is the lesson on the restauration. and I love teaching it! I don't know how many times I've taught it, read about it, thought about it, talked about it, but I love teaching it and I will never get tired of teaching it! it is the message that sets us apart. It is the message of truth that we bring to the world and I love teaching it! I love my job here! 

I love you all and I hope you guys have a good week! and know that i love you and pray for you! 
love you!
love Hermana Winters 

Monday, August 18, 2014

{August 18, 2014}


this is the family Salazar, they are so cute. 
and Antonella got her mission call this week!! She is going to Argentina!! she is super excited and I´m super excited that she isn´t leaving until december because that means she can still come with me to visit all the people ha

This week was good, sunday was just full of miracles. 
first we went to go get this family to get to church (Jenny (less active) Nicodemo (husband non member) Luis Angel (son non member)) and we were waiting 40 mins for them to get ready! we were a little late but they came! and then...we are sitting there and in walks Jorge Malo and old investigator that we found and asked if he was going to come and he said ¨yes I will come¨ and he came!! what! and then.....the Familia Chamorro walks in, they are this family that never really progressed so we haven´t vistited them for 2 weeeks but we went by saturday just in case to invite them and THEY CAME! all 4 of them Raul, Jeovanna, Kevin and Yerson! so great! so that was really nice and then. we were walking around all sunday but no one was home but we had a family home evening with a Less active that we found and so we went and taught him and his family and they were so cute! so things are looking good! Roldofo couldn´t come to church because one of his uncles passed away on saturday so we were really bummed about that but we are still hoping to get him baptized in August!

this are going well! The ward is doing good and I love all the leaders, they are funny and always willing to help!
so its good. we are just working hard to find new people EVERYDAY!! 
AlSO yesterday Guillermo blessed the sacrament! and he is just the greatest! he just gets better and wants to learn it all so fast ha he says ¨i just look at these young people that know more then me and I want to know the these they know¨ ha but he knows it will come with time, he has been going out with the Elders to teach and he loves it, so he is doing really well. 

but I´m happy and well! and I hope the same for all of you!!
I love you all and I hope you have a good week!
love morgan!

(My District)